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Decreased 'function ability' of each muscle and joint as well as nervous system of a body cause pain, thus muscular, skeletal and nervous systems must be comprehensively evaluated and treated. We examine your body from both structural and functional perspective, but with greater emphasis on finding functional and biomechanical 'un-ability' of those three systems.

  • Manual therapy (manipulation, mobilisation and stretch)
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Injury rehabilitation / Exercise prescription
  • Sports taping/Kinesio taping
  • Gait/walking analysis and Custom Orthotics

Dr Masato Niizeki studied basic science in London, UK, and completed his professional doctoral degree in chiropractic in Chicago, USA. He also has a special interest in biochemistry and nutrition, and is certified in clinical laboratory diagnosis. He has been practicing preventative and rehabilitative chiropractic in the Carnegie area since 1997.

Dr Masato’s interests and expertise reach beyond spinal and pelvic dysfunction. He is also experienced in the treatment of shoulder, hip, knee and foot pain and injury.

The clinic is equipped with the computerized GaitScan walking analysis system, which is used to evaluate foot function and to design customised orthotics. Dr Masato is also a consultant for the Ultra Lite weight management program. A highly successful weight loss program focused on balancing protein and carbohydrate intake for effective fat metabolism.

  • D.C.(Doctor of Chiropractic) professional doctorate degree (USA)
  • B.Sc.(Bachelor of Science) degree in human biology (USA)
  • Completion of pre-medical programme (UK)
  • Certificate in physiotherapy, clinical laboratory diagnosis, X-ray procedure (USA)
  • Diploma: National Board of Chiropractic Examiners Part I - IV and physiotherapy (USA)
  • Completed postgraduate 400-hr Chiropractic Neurology course
  • Author of three books: Clinical Orthopaedic Examination (ISBN4-7529-3058-7 C3047), Clinical Postural Examination (ISBN4-7529-3070-6 C3047) and PILATES Mastery (ISBN4-7899-2101-8); published in Japan in 2000, 2003, and 2006 respectively. He is currently working with his new book on clinical neurology.
  • Australia Fencing Federation acrredited Level 1 Fencing (Sabre) Coach
  • Accredited fencing (Epee) referee

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